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Roman Forum

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The history...

The Roman Forum (Foro Romano) is located in Rome, Italy. It was an open-air location in the heart of the ancient city where many events took place - including political, religious, important meetings, criminal trials, buying and selling of goods, gladiator fights, and social activities. The Forum opened about 500 BC around the time that the Roman Republic was founded.

The area is rectangular in shape and is situated between Capitoline Hill and Palatine Hill which was where many of the ancient city’s magnificent monuments and significant temples were.  The Forum was beloved by the ruler Julius Caesar who took a great interest in it. During his time, it was improved and expanded. Arches, statues, basilicas, and other artistic touches and architectural buildings were added.

Over 4.5 million visitors come to see the Roman Forum each year, making it one of the most popular destinations in the country of Italy.

Fun Facts

The Forum was in use for about 1400 years. It wasn't until the Roman Empire fell that it became abandoned. It wasn't until 1803 when it was rediscovered again.

It took over 100 years to fully excavate the Forum. 

The Romans would build new structures on top of old ruins. Archeologists have been able to uncover many centuries of remains because of this.

Rome was founded by Romulus after he killed his twin brother Remus. It is believed that Romulus is buried within the Roman Forum. His grave is marked by a large piece of black marble.

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Home to over 900 churches and 280 fountains, this historic capital city should not be missed.