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Temple of Diana

Photo by Kent Wang

The history...

The Temple of Diana was built in the early 1st century AD, during the reign of Emperor Augustus. Mérida, known as Emerita Augusta at that time, was an important Roman colony, and the temple was constructed to honor the Roman gods. Despite its name, it was not specifically dedicated to the goddess Diana; instead, it was likely a temple for the imperial cult, which worshipped the emperor and his family as divine.

The Temple of Diana is made of granite and was built in a classic Roman style. It features large, sturdy columns with Corinthian capitals (the tops of the columns) that are intricately carved. The temple was built on a raised platform, called a podium, which added to its grand appearance.

During the Middle Ages, the temple fell into disuse and was partly dismantled. However, parts of the structure were incorporated into other buildings. In the 16th century, the powerful Count of Corbos built a Renaissance-style palace right inside the temple ruins, using the ancient columns and walls as part of his residence.

In the 20th century, efforts were made to preserve and restore the Temple of Diana. The palace was removed, and the temple's remains were carefully excavated and studied. 

Visitors to the Temple of Diana can walk around the ancient structure and admire its impressive columns and design. 

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